(Solution) RabbitMQ not receiving published messages

Ran into an odd scenario with RabbitMQ recently. Messages were not being published to queues, yet no errors were reported. Queues were recreated once deleted (indicating »

OpCache and symlink-based deployments

PHP 5.5 introduced an alternative opcode cache, OpCache, which replaces the APC extension. It's great - for one thing it's only trying to be an »

Laravel on Docker

Recently I've been looking at involving Docker containers into running a few Laravel applications - possibly removing provisioning and deployment scripts from the process completely. I'm »

Re-organising Laravel applications with PSR-4

I find the initial Laravel project structure quite approachable: app/ commands/ config/ controllers/ database/ models/ storage/ tests/ views/ However, as your application grows, you'll likely find »

Synchronised Christmas lights

For the past few years I've usually had a stab at making something with the Cheerlights API - a Thingspeak service that watches tweets hashtagged #cheerlights »

Fitbit designer Gadi Amit on the future of wearable technology