1. Hacking the Jubilee Line's door buttons
  2. Cracking into the button case

I recently picked up a couple of retired door-open buttons from the London Transport Museum. These served on the Jubilee Line's 1996 stock, before they were removed in the recent fleet refurbishment. I'm not 100% sure what I plan to do with these - one will probably remain decorative, but I'm eager to hack the second one into something useful or fun. As far as I can tell, these contain:

  • A big chunky button, that doesn't seem very press-able - perhaps it's enabled by a relay,
  • An LED strip surrounding the button,
  • Hopefully, some sort of speaker. I think the an older stock has visible speaker holes in the button elements (District D78s or perhaps the Piccadilly 1973s) - these don't.

This is going to involve a number of challenges so I'll try to pen my progress on here. Issues I expect to encounter include:

  • Getting into the thing
  • Completely undocumented circuit boards
  • Missing cables (a cable hole is present on the outside)